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The Bicycle Tire Review



This article is about the bicycle tire review which will briefly discuss the most integral part of any vehicle; the tire. A bicycle tire; often called as wheels or wheelset is the most integral part of the bicycle. Tires are fitted with the frame of the bicycle by means of dropouts. There are various types of tires available today designed for various purposes. For instance, road racing bicycle wheels are the most common type of wheels available today.

The performance of a bicycle tire depends upon various factors like stiffness of the tire, weight of the tire, rotational inertia, bearing, rim etc. These are the most important factors that determine the performance of the tire. The design of the tire mainly depends on its intended usage. For example, tires of a touring bicycle may resemble the tires of a mountain bike. One of the most famous bicycle wheel are the BMX wheels that are almost 20 inches in diameter and are build for strength to support heavy loads.

Major Components of a Bicycle Tire.

A bicycle tire consists of many vital components. Some of the main components are listed below.

* Hub: The centre of the bicycle tire that you see is called as its hub. It further consists of an axle, hub shell and bearings.

* Axle: As mentioned above, the hub consists of the axle. Axle is attached to the dropouts or the frames. There are various methods of attaching an axle like using a nut, bolt or through a quick release (a lever).

* Bearings: Without bearings Hub shells cant rotate freely. Bearings make the hub shell rotate freely about the axle.

* Hub Shell: Spokes is attached to the hub shell. The hub shell move outwards from the axle.

* Gears: One of the most vital component; specially in racing bikes. Gears are attached to hubs using various methods like freewheel method, freehub method, internet geared hub etc.

* Rim: It is considered to be the most attractive part of a bicycle tire. It is made up of aluminum alloy and is available in various designs and shapes.

Other important components are disk brakes; coaster brake, drum brakes and other components vary from bike to bike.

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The Bicycle Tire Review }

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