Softball Fundraiser Ideas}

Softball Fundraiser Ideas


Jolian Grant

There are many ideas that a team can use to raise funds for their softball fundraiser. You can run an order taker campaign selling items to raise funds or put on a variation of an active fundraiser. Softball fund raisers are usually held in the summer so it is easy to get volunteers and donors to come out and participate.

Cookie Dough to the Rescue

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The cookie dough softball fundraiser is a great campaign to get your team involved in. It is a campaign that can be run by all ages. Plan with your professional fundraising company when you want to run your campaign and they will answer questions about ordering the product, shipping and taxes. The fundraising company will send order forms out for all the players.

Once your team collects all the orders for the cookie dough you order the exact amount from the professional fundraising company. This makes the fundraising campaign tight, with no leftover product. You can call to remind everyone a few days before delivery of your shipment to come and pick up their tub at the next game. The campaign is simple to run and cookie dough comes in a variety of flavours so it is easy to sell.

Motivate Your Selling Team

Put a little competition into your softball fundraiser to spice things up and increase sales. Motivate your team by splitting them into groups and rewarding the highest selling group with cans of pop on the next practice day. That is just an example but the idea is to encourage a friendly selling game, rewarding the winner with a little gift. The majority of the money raised still goes towards replacing uniforms and equipment.

Celebrity Softball Day

This fundraising campaign take a little more planning and effort but can bring attention and excitement to the league. Contact your local sports celebrities to participate in a game. You can call baseball players and even famous players from other sports. Usually they’re good sports and won’t mind to helping a good cause.

You can call your local TV station or newspaper and have them advertise and cover the event. The more press you can get in advance for this event the better. You may even be able to get on air personalities to participate.

You can have the players mix in and play with your baseball team or call more local celebrities and have them battle it out on the field.

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Softball Fundraiser Ideas


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