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When you first hire a business coach, you are doing so in order to support a meaningful change. The thing about change is that it doesnt just happen instantly, but it takes time and the right tools to incorporate into the business structure of your company. These techniques and tools should be discussed with you as a client, so that you know you have hired the right person to coach you. After effective coaching, you can be sure that any goals you have set with your coach will be achieved. Here are few examples of common goals and the techniques used to achieve them:

Managing conflict – conflict is inevitable part of business. If your company is facing a challenging customer or some internal issue, you should discuss this with your coach. They will have you list the issues that are causing conflict from your perspective and then objectively try to see the problem from another angle. They will then brainstorm solutions. Then, you will discuss with your coach which solutions work best and what the specific steps to implement them are.

Budgeting – a coach can hardly take the role of a financial advisor, though they can teach you some budgeting tools and processes. If you think about this, it only makes sense for the coach to be able to provide some help in that regard, because every business needs to manage its money well.

Confidence – lacking self-confidence in the business world is a common problem, especially for young entrepreneurs. Taking risks is an essential part of business development so the coach will work on that. They can ask you to list all good qualities, deeds, endeavours met with success and achievements in order to outline all of that as opposed to uncertainties and limiting factors. One more approach is to let you define what your goals so you may then start creating the future in a proactive way. Planning self-affirming achievements and business interactions, is also a nice alternative as an experiential process.

Delegation – one skill that all managers need to learn is how to effectively delegate their duties. It is also one that many experience real trouble with. Often business coaches are tasked with this job – creating a good delegation skill in their clients. One of the ways that a business coach can teach this is through an organisational chart, where they define the responsibilities and tasks for each employee, including the manager. The coach will ask you how much time you devote to every task and then discuss possible delegation opportunities. That way you will know which task you should continue with and which ones you should delegate. Further discussion on who to delegate the tasks to is needed. You and the coach should discuss the outcome and the effect of delegating tasks, as it is not something that should be done without a clear purpose, i.e. to free more time for business expansion for example.

These are merely a handful of the possible goals and ways to reach that you may have when you hire a business coach. Carefully evaluate what your company lacks the most and work with your coach to fix it.

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