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Best Used Cars From Japan, Van / Minivan Segment

Best Used Cars from Japan, Van / Minivan Segment


Kyoko Nitori

If you are packing more than the usual (five-member family, luggage, and the family dog) into your car, you may be in need of an upgrade, space-wise. The solution to this dilemma is moving to a segment larger than a subcompact, hatchback, or sedan but not as big as a fuel-guzzling SUV or pickup truck. If you re in the market for a more spacious vehicle, consider one from the best used cars from Japan, van and minivan segment today.

Vans and minivans are used all over the world not only as family cars; they are also the vehicles of choice in business and transport services. In movies and television shows, we have seen vans being used as surveillance units, media stations, cargo forwarders, package delivery units, school buses, cleaning service crew cars, ambulances, mobile clinics, and food delivery vehicles. Vans are so versatile that they re practically used everywhere, and driven by everyone from delivery guys, soccer moms, school drivers, company chauffeurs, and cargo haulers. Indeed, they have a lot of uses from personal to business use.

Leading the most-recommended list of best

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used cars from Japan

, van and minivan segment are the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. Both vehicles have been redesigned in 2013 but older releases are readily available from used cars exporters in Japan. The Sienna has stylish looks and sufficient storage space. It has all-wheel drive, the only minivan in its class to have the traction-enhancing feature a plus for those who encounter slick and muddy roads every now and then.

The Odyssey is another good buy with its V6 engine and front-wheel drive. Like the Sienna, it is able to seat eight people comfortably and buyers can choose from a variety of trim levels to suit their preference. The Odyssey also has high scores in resale values, reliability, and safety tests, which are important especially when you re driving with your family.

Seating up to seven passengers is the Nissan Quest, another recommended vehicle for those looking for used cars from Japan in the van/minivan segment. It offers a slightly smaller space than the Sienna and Odyssey but the Quest still delivers when it comes to classy styling and driver engagement.

Moving on to the larger vans, one of the most popular and highly-recommended vehicles in this segment is the Toyota HiAce. It s a staple on the world s roads, having been on them since the seventies. In many countries, the HiAce is used by schools as transport service for their students instead of a big bus. Because of its smaller size, the van is able to go through narrow streets straight to children s houses, so the children won t have to walk along the busy and dangerous streets of the city. The HiAce is also used as a means of public transport, ferrying workers to and from business districts and taking tourists to different scenic destinations. The van is sturdy, reliable, and is very comfortable for long rides in the city or the country. So if you re looking for the best used cars from Japan, vans like the HiAce, Sienna, and Odyssey are perfect for everything.

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