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Curing Bacterial Vaginitis Naturally 4 Tried And Tested Treatments For Bv Relief

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Curing Bacterial Vaginitis Naturally – 4 Tried and Tested Treatments For BV Relief


Miriam Hopton

If you are a regular sufferer from bacterial vaginitis, you may have already experienced the frustration felt by many women when despite round after round of antibiotics, you still find that you are not free of this embarrassing condition.

If you are interested in ways of curing bacterial vaginitis naturally, there are 5 excellent natural treatment which are known to help. The condition occurs due to an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina and happens when harmful bacteria overgrows and can no longer be controlled by the protective beneficial bacteria.

1. Tea tree oil.

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This is available as a neat oil or as ready made pessaries. The antibacterial properties of this “wonder oil” can kill off the strains of harmful bacteria. If you are not using pessaries, add around 12 drops of oil to a shallow bath.

2. Grapefruit seed extract.

Add one teaspoon of grapefruit seed extract to two cups of water. This can be used as a gentle douche for curing bacterial vaginitis naturally.

3. Natural live yogurt.

The live bacteria in this yogurt is the same as that in a healthy vagina. Adding this via a pre-soaked tampon can help to kick-start the body’s production of good bacteria. Some people recommend eating a pot of live yogurt a day to help keep the immune system healthy.

4. Cider Vinegar.

The gentle yet acidic pH level of cider vinegar can help restore the vagina’s desired pH level. When you have BV, the harmful bacteria will have become alkaline and adding a couple of cups of this to your bath can help.

Although isolated incidences of BV are not thought to be dangerous, repeated outbreaks can sometimes lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and even infertility. It is therefore sensible to take action promptly and curing bacterial vaginitis naturally is an option worth trying.

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Remedies For BV

.Curing bacterial vaginitis naturally can be simple and straightforward and you can be completely free of all symptoms within just 3 days.

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Curing Bacterial Vaginitis Naturally – 4 Tried and Tested Treatments For BV Relief

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