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How To Plan A Perfect Summer Wedding

How To Plan A Perfect Summer Wedding


Anne Davis

Exchanging vows in radiant, perfect sunshine with clear blue skies in backdrop – a summer wedding has its own charm. For many couples, getting married in summers is an ideal time.

However, a summer wedding has its pros and cons. The warm sun s rays shining on you, the lush trees and colorful flowers in full bloom make a summer wedding quite a romantic affair. But the flip side is the heat. If a little humidity and heat don t bother you much, summer can be a great time to exchange vows.

For a summer wedding, you need to consider a lot of things ranging from the fabric of your bridal gown, flowers, shoes and so on. So if you are a bride who loves the sunshine and plans to wed in June, July or August, here are some tips to help you prepare for your summer wedding:

Opt for airy, lighter fabrics

When you are planning to exchange vows in summer, say NO to wedding dresses in satin. Such fabric can make you sweat heavily. Instead opt for light, airy fabrics that breathe such as linen.

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You can also choose high-low dresses that are long and dramatic in the back whereas front has shorter length. Tea-length dresses are especially quite popular and comfortable.

In case, if you want to stick to the traditional white wedding gown, then choose to wear it during the ceremony and then change into a sheath dress later on. And if you are not comfortable wearing a veil, you can choose to wear a feathered headpiece that would look gorgeous.


Parasols are becoming quite popular especially for summer weddings. Unlike a bouquet of flowers, parasols don t attract insects (insects are a problem during summers) and provide shade. Best part is that the bride and the bridesmaids can carry these beautiful, colorful parasols that add more charm to the overall wedding.


As far as the make-up is concerned, apply water-proof make-up that stays from start to finish. Refrain from using liquid makeup that has a tendency to melt like butter in hot temperatures. Hence liquid foundations or eyeliners are a clear NO.

Rather use waterproof mascara, eye shadow primer and pressed powder to get the perfect look.

And applying a sun block is a must. However there are some sun blocks that make your skin appear greasy. Pick a good quality sun block.

Wedding shoes

Choosing appropriate footwear is very important. Stilettos don t get along well with grass and sand. Steer clear of stilettos or any high heeled shoes in an outdoor wedding. Choose ballerina flats that look beautiful and are comfortable too.

Outdoor summer wedding tends to be less formal than the church wedding. Hence you can be lenient with your choice of bridal dress. Select a wedding dress that is comfortable and looks fabulous on you.

A summer wedding does require some consideration to be kept in mind. However with a little planning and attention to detail, you can have your dream wedding in summers, the kind you always wished for!

Anne Davis is a fashion journalist who loves to explore various designer wedding dresses such as

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