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Loading/ Unloading Arms are used for managing of fluids under any pressure and low or high temperatures such as petroleum products, chemicals, etc when they all has to be reloaded from storage tank to transporting vehicle and vice versa and is used for transporting from one place to another. There is broad range of loading arms including fuel loading arms, chemical loading arms, truck loading/ unloading arms, rail loading arms, etc. Features of loading arms include:

Made of carbon steel/ stainless steel with PTFE seals.

Includes 3-part swivel joints at fulcrum and base for complete vertical as well as horizontal operation.

A positive lock is provided for holding the arm in loading position.

Brass, aluminum or stainless steel vacuum breaker is provided in order to ensure easy draining of the arm after use.

Comprises: 445 arm balance mechanism, top apex swivel, aluminum drop tube, and semi auto API coupler.

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Special safety features such as position sensor, over spill protection device and press down system can also be included.

Loading arms comes in Top Loading Arms, Bottom Loading Arms. Area of application of Bottom Loading Arms includes petroleum terminals, oil distribution depots, road and rail tanker loading, and bottom loading skids, top to bottom loading upgrades whereas Top Loading Arms application comprises of multi product oil storage depots, fuel storage contractors, and local oil distributors.

Benefits of unloading arms are such as eco friendly, no recurring cost of Hose pipes, trouble free operations, reduced labor cost, no spillage, etc. Its area of application incorporates unloading of fluids at oil depots, chemical complexes, refineries, fertilizer plants, milk dairies.

Loading arm suppliers

are Alpeco Ltd, Oil & Gas Plant Engineers India Private Ltd, Automation & Control Technics, J. Smith & Co, etc.

Bottom loading valve is basically used in tank truck for loading and unloading petrol liquids.Features of bottom loading valve consist of:

Specifically designed to meet all petroleum industry standards and oil companies.

Stainless steel poppet, shaft, and latch plate.

Cast aluminum alloy handle.

Vilton seals.

Hard-coated aluminum API adaptor.

Hydrodynamic designs reduces pressure drop for high flow rates.

Top mounting is used for hose interlock.

Vilton seals

PD Flow meter

Positive Displacement Flow meter is used to measure the volume of the liquid passing through the flow meter such as water, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids and chemicals. They provide the accuracy for batch processing, flow rate control, blending and custody transfer of liquids, viscosities, temperatures and pressures. Positive Displacement Flow meters should not be used in dirty fluids as it may cause plugging and increase maintenance costs. Also the viscosity of the operating fluid should be similar to that of the calibrated fluid because different amounts of slippage can cause measurement error. Area of application in food industry includes metering liquid sweeteners such as syrup and vegetable oils and in industrial market includes metering solvents, acids, caustics and water. They can also be used in municipal water districts to measure residential water consumption and can also be applied to clean, sanitary and corrosive liquids such as water ,foods and gases.

Bottom loading valve


Loading arms

are purposely used in tank truck for loading and unloading petrol liquids and are explicitly designed to meet standards of petroleum industry and oil companies.

Positive displacement flow meter

is used to measure volume of the liquid passing through the flow meter and its application comprises of food industry, industrial market, and municipal water districts.

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