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Batch Solar Water Heater: Things To Look For}

Batch Solar Water Heater: Things to Look For


Ashish Arora

Gone are the days when solar water heating was supposed to be the thing of the future. Galore of methods and techniques have been invented and implemented successfully for solar water heating. However, amongst all the techniques, batch solar water heating is considered to be the easiest and the simplest one. Also known as ICS or integrated collector and storage, batch solar water heater consists of a water tank carefully stored within a glass covered insulated enclosure.

As mentioned above, building a batch solar water heater is not that tough, but do not forget they live in extreme temperature conditions. Hence, while building a batch solar water heater, be a little cautious and careful about constructions and the material used.


Do not use EX or CVC pipes inside the enclosure, as they wont be able to sustain the extreme temperature of the batch solar water heater. So, it is better that you use copper as the pipe material.


Do not use Plexiglass, PVC or Acrylic glazing, instead use glass glazing as they are better in terms of temperature resistance and long life. You can also use plastic glazing and for that polycarbonate with an ultraviolet protective coating would be the best choice.


Do not use a used tank, but if you do not have any other choice, check for the leaks and other damages. In short, make sure that you have chosen the best one. Once you have selected a tank, paint the outside of the tank with high temperature black barbeque paint; do not forget to sand the tank before painting.


The commonly used polystyrene insulation board is not capable enough to hold the temperature above 130F, but the enclosure temperature exceeds this range and in the process melts the insulation. So, instead of using polystyrene insulation board, you can use polyisocyanurate insulation board. It comes with an already installed alum reflective surface, which is best suited for the kind of temperature generated inside the enclosure.

Last Word

Those people who face freezing winters should cut off and drain batch solar water heater. However, there are some batch solar water heaters that can also be used during winter. They have a special type of insulation that protects the entire system from getting damaged during the cold freezing temperature.

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Batch Solar Water Heater: Things to Look For

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