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Castle Wars Guide}

Castle Wars Guide



Castle Wars is a quest that is only available for members who buy rs account to join RS members. This article is a brief guide for members to play this mini game of Runescape.

To get started, you need a ring of dueling to teleport. You can exchange your tickets for some decorative armor or you can buy an item guide. Then you can wear your gear and head over to bank Chest. It is suggested you wear a hooded cloak.

You can see Combat style when you go into the cave. It is better if you could equip a dragon battle axe as a bunny.

What should you equip? When you stand in the centre of the castle, you can either climb the ladder or go through the barriers. When you go downstairs, you will find some tables for you to equip.

You can take some stones as you can use the catapult. Barricades are useful for defenders and block enemies. Bandages are helpful when you are attacking, defending or something like these. Pickaxe is good to clear the tunnel. If you are attacking, you may need explosive potions to knock down barricades, catapults, cave walls which stand in your way. It is quite important and you should not drop them at any time. Tinder is used to set fire to catapults and barricades, while bucket of water can put out fires which are caused by tinderboxes.

Then you can attack by going through gates, getting into the castle or across the island. Or you can go underground by the ladder in the equipment room. You can now kill your enemies and grab their flags. Then you can dash to your base and plant them.

You can go to the top of the castle to kill those who are near your flags or you can put up barricades, mage and ranger from the main wall. It is not wise to use the side door. You should keep it locked. And you should not worry about dying as you can respawn at your castle.

If you have above 60 hit points, you can just remain the enemy flag room to kill as many enemies as you can to get enough flagger. Then you can go through the runnel with bandages and carefully prevent yourselves from being hurt. You can turn on your prayer once you are low on bandages and get into supply room, stock up the banages and return.

For sneak attack, you can grab your bandages, a pickaxe and potions, mine your way underground to get into castle on your way to the flag.

As for the wall invaders, you need to stock up tons of bandages, potions and a rope. Then you should climb to the wall to clear away those pesky mages and archers who attempt to shoot down your comrades.

Grab lots of Rocks and a toolkit and head to the Castle Wall and operate the Catapult. The ideal place is bridge over middle section before running enemies.

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