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Autoclaves are the sterilization apparatus of choice in hospitals, laboratories like scientific or medical industry. These are instruments that are made to bear steam and sterilize the medical and scientific equipments. Autoclave systems are used for many technical industries. Autoclaves have been designed specifically for glass laminating, composites curing, production, laboratory use, and many other uses.

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An autoclave is basically reads on the temperature of 121 degrees Celsius and pressure so as to sterilize the equipment. Autoclaves are the sterilization apparatus of choice in hospitals and laboratories. They are also used in dentistry, veterinary medicine, development and research of food production and pharmaceuticals facilities. Autoclaves are found in many medical settings and other places that need to ensure sterility of an object. Many procedures today use single-use items rather than sterilized, reusable items.

Hexatec provides all these industrial equipment products along with Stability Chamber, BOD incubator, Dryer, Oven, Incubator, Autoclave, Deep Freezers, Muffle Furnace, Vertical Autoclave, Steam Sterilizer. A small unit may have heat applied from a direct flame or electrical resistance elements surrounding the pressure vessel. Larger units are most commonly heated by pressurized steam from a boiler or other steam generator. The larger autoclaves can be needed to accommodate some of the components because of their sheer size. Autoclaves are also widely used to cure composites and in the vulcanization of rubber. The high heat and pressure that autoclaves allow help to ensure that the highest possible physical properties are repeatedly attainable.

Now in industry much larger and potentially autoclave are used on a very higher pressure. They are especially attractive when the presence of flame is undesirable. Specialized autoclaves can have internal stirring vanes, and may have provisions to inject additional chemicals during processing. Their role here is primarily for chemical production rather sterilization. Where materials and parts require to be sterilized thoroughly during the process of production, this is comparatively less common in industries working with composite materials, specifically in the aerospace sector. It offers complete elimination of bacteria and other pathogens, ensuring safety of the devices used in medical fields and decreasing the harmful threat posed by the veterinary waste and permits more accurate outcomes in laboratory experiments. Safety is a matter of great concern while using these devices.

The horizontal autoclave in rectangular style, supplied complete with vacuum breaker, water level indicator, steam trap and automatic pressure control switch. The whole unit is mounted on a robust tubular stand. While in cylindrical style, Whole unit is mounted on Mild Steel Tubular stands duly enamel Painted and boiler is provided with water level indicator. These Autoclaves are provided with automatic pressure switch/ Piezostat for controlling pressure at decided preset value. For more details please visit Hexatec products and its details available on its website.


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