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Say Goodbye To Estimated Bills With The Smart Meter

Say Goodbye to Estimated Bills with the Smart Meter



There are many ways to save money in the home, but fitting a cheap boiler in the home could cost you more in the long run. An A-rated boiler is a good investment, as it can cut your gas and electricity by hundreds of pounds annually. Another way to save money is to contact your energy supplier and request that a smart meter be fitted, which should pose no significant cost.

Gas and electricity prices have risen substantially over the past 24-months, and the last thing you want to do is to pay for more energy than you have used. After a smart meter has been fitted in your home, you can say goodbye to estimated energy bills forever. Accurate meter readings are sent to your supplier and you will receive an accurate bill for the energy units you have used.

Although smart meters are not yet the essential piece of equipment that must be fitted in every household, they are helpful in that they can help you supervise which items consume more energy than others. The meter readings are accurate; therefore, it will be much easier to change to a different energy supplier, as you will not need to submit a final meter reading.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change estimate that smart meters could help to reduce the carbon footprint of 53 million households in the United Kingdom. Ofgem E Serve will facilitate the smart meter program, and the aim is to fit a smart meter in every UK household by 2020.

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The Technology of the Smart Meter

A smart meter submits an accurate energy bill to your supplier in two ways:

1.Inbuilt card: This technology is a similar size to the sim card found in mobile phones, and it is this chip that sends the accurate meter reading to your energy company.

2.Long-range radio: This method is not yet active, as energy companies are still conducting research in this area.

If you have a smart meter fitted in the home you will no longer need to regularly check your meter to submit a reading, nor will a meter reader need to gain access to your home. Utility companies are prone to overestimating energy bills so paying only for the gas and electric you use can make a significant difference to your monthly direct debit or quarterly energy bill.

Smart Meters Equal Smarter Choices

When you fit a smart meter in your home, utility providers may be better able to provide you with an attractive tariff that suits your energy usage, and you will no longer have to supply your new supplier with a meter reading. Some items use up more electricity than others and a smart meter can help you monitor the more expensive items. Another way to save money is to get into the habit of turning off the television, as leaving it on standby can use up to eighty percent of electricity.

How do Smart Meters Benefit Suppliers?

Energy suppliers greatly benefit from fitting smart meters in homes. Firstly, there is no need to send a meter card to each customer, and the supplier no longer has to employ meter readers to visit each property. Some utility suppliers are thinking in advance and offering the smart meter to new customers, but this option is also available to previous customers. Make an enquiry with your current supplier and within several months, you will notice a significant saving on your energy bills

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Say Goodbye to Estimated Bills with the Smart Meter

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