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Turning Your Kitchen Into A Cooks Dream

Turning your Kitchen into a Cooks Dream


Carlos Montes

Whether you are thinking of renovating your newly purchased home or a home that you have been living in for a while, one of the most satisfying areas that you can update and personalize is your kitchen. A kitchen renovation can be a daunting task or it can be a pleasure to undertake; your experience will very much depend on how well your project is planned and how realistic your expectations are.

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Keep in mind that a dream kitchen is a very subjective idea; also keep in mind that you will need to work within the confines of whatever space you have available in your home. If you need an eating area, do you require a country-type kitchen with space for a kitchen table in it or would you prefer an eating bar with stools? Do you like to create large, lavish dinner parties or are you in need of a small efficient space to cook in?

If you have a small kitchen, you will need to be efficient about your use of space; small kitchens can be fabulous to cook in if you have it set up well. Consider under-cabinet appliances, but only for appliances that you use often. Install cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling to give you more storage space; you can always put things on top of cabinets that dont go all the way to the ceiling, but things get very dirty and dusty up there. You may want to invest in small, apartment sized appliances when you renovate so that they take up less of your precious space. Painting your kitchen a light color will help it feel larger and brighter; installing a skylight can also help to open up a small space, particularly if your kitchen doesnt have a window in it. A wall oven can be a great way to get more space out of your small kitchen as well, depending on the floor plan.

Large kitchens dont need as many space saving considerations in them, but it never hurts to have things organized in such a way that the things that you need often are in easy to reach areas while the items that you only need occasionally are out of the way.In a large kitchen you have the opportunity to customize your counter tops if you are an avid baker or cook; marble counter tops are popular with pastry afficionados while butcher-block counters are nice for prepping food to cook.

No matter what you decide is best for your particular cooking needs, it is always best to approach your renovation with a good plan that you and your contractor can agree on.For best results, hire a contractor who has a lot of experience doing kitchen renovations so that he or she can assist you get exactly the kitchen you want for your new home.

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