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Submitted by: Johnn Smith

Women have traditionally loved diamonds and every eligible damsel expects a diamond engagement ring from her Prince Charming. It is true that most women expect to be proposed with a diamond engagement ring. A woman always loves a romantic proposal. She may want the eagerly awaited event to take her breath away.

For this, nothing can be better than a diamond engagement ring. She will ever wear this ring and even flaunt it. A unique diamond engagement ring on a womans finger must turn peoples heads and make her the center of attraction.

The one secret idea is to let your fiance pick her own diamond engagement ring because she must feel the ring good on her finger and it must suit her deportment and lifestyle.

She will try many, many diamond shapes, diamond cuts and setting styles to determine which ring is truly appealing. You must be patient and let her do the shopping after all, this is the small piece of jewelry that will symbolize your eternal love for her.

There is another equally valid viewpoint that you should buy the diamond engagement ring shopping alone and then suddenly surprise her with a fabulous engagement ring. This suggestion is also good provided you ascertain from her what style of diamond ring she would most love so that the ring you secretly buy does not disappoint her.

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Many would suggest that even if you have discussed marriage before, let the actual proposal and the diamond engagement ring be a surprise.

Surprising your bride with an engagement ring she will adore is not as difficult as you might think. Most women diamond engagement rings set in platinum or white gold.

They may not particularly favor a diamond mounted in a yellow gold setting.

Again, women prefer contemporary-looking, bold style diamond engagement rings and not vintage looking ones unless your bride is a traditionalist. The best choice should be a diamond engagement ring that is classic and of a timeless style that never goes out of fashion.

You can closely study the style of jewelry she wears often to ascertain what her preferences would be. You can also discreetly ask her the type and style of diamond ring she would like without throwing away the secret you intend getting her a diamond engagement ring.

Please remember that an elongated diamond such as a marquise or oval will make short fingers appear sleek and long. This applies if your bride has short stubby fingers or else, chooses a square or round diamond or a cluster of few small diamonds. Women with long fingers can easily wear bold ring styles. But the fact remains that most women are fond of solitaire diamond.

If you want to buy a unique diamond engagement ring you could opt for engagement rings that have fancy pink, blue or green diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are commercially rare and therefore tend to cost a little more.

If in doubt which shape she loves, better buy a loose diamond and ask the big question. The two of you can thereafter shop together for the perfect diamond engagement ring setting. But before proceeding to buy the diamond engagement ring, learn the basics about diamonds particularly the four Cs – Clarity, Cut, Carat and Color.

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