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Significance Of Cna Training In

Submitted by: Elijah James

We all know the medical field is recession proof this could be the reason that more and more people are trying to get into the medical field in less time by taking admissions in certified nursing assistant courses. There is a few weeks training for the certification then you appear in the exam and once you have passed the exam, you will be rewarded with the certificate. So you can start working either in hospitals or you can start working individually by visiting their homes. You will be working with elderly citizens, people with different metal, physical disabilities and the people with the long term sickness. You will be providing them emotional and psychological support, and also help them with feeding, cleaning and sometimes cooking the prescribed diet as well.

There are quite a few schools and colleges providing the certified nursing assistant training. The CNA training in different states is different due to the state s rules and requirements. There are different institutes providing the certified nursing training classes, students usually spend one to three months in these classes. The American Red Cross is also conducting the training classes for the certified nursing assistants. You can also take the online training classes by registering yourself with many websites that are providing training classes. This will be more flexible and you can take the CNA training in home comfort environment without any class timing restriction. You can also take the nursing assistant training from many nursing homes and hospitals. They will also help you if you cannot pay the fee, you will be getting the training from there and will be working in the wards helping the patients under super vision of the senior staff. This will improve you skills for the practical training. You will be offered a job when you will pass the exam.

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The certification exam has two parts the first one is base on MCQs from theoretical part of the training and the second part is from the clinical where you will be given different situations to deal with in a ward. The state examiner will examine the students if they are following the right procedures as they were taught during CNA training in their classroom.

After passing the exam you will be working as Certified Nursing Assistant. The newly certified assistant get paid hourly and the per hour rate starts from $9.99 per hour. They also enjoy more benefits such as frequent pay raises, promotions and career advancement. You will also be working in hospitals helping the registered nurses with their daily routine work. You will also be helping them with operating and monitoring the medical equipments.

A nursing assistant also checks the blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature and respiratory system for the patients you will also help them by feeding, cleaning and changing surgical dressings. You will be working 40 hours a week in different shifts evening, morning and also night shifts. You will be working 5 days a week including the weekends. While working in hospital with registered nurses you will witness that many of the registered nurses started their career as Certified Nursing Assistant.

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