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6 Things You Must Learn About The Dental Implants Procedure}

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Submitted by: Luis Henry

When we are talking about dental implants, it refers to the complete process a patient goes through right from the moment he walks into a dentists office, gets the treatment and walks out of the clinic with a beaming and mesmerizing smile. So, lets understand the procedure is all about, how common it is, duration of the treatment, its benefits and success rate.

So, if you have missing, damaged or decayed teeth, the information provided in this article will help ascertain what to do or what not to.

Implant Surgery

According to this process, your dentist will put a metallic screw into your jawbone. The metal screw will be inside the jawbone and wont be visible. There will be an abutment or support which will be screwed onto it. This abutment is the one that is visible.

In some cases, the doctor may carry on the procedure in an area that is visible, i.e. the smile line. In such a case, a dental professional will put a temporary covering on the support for esthetic reasons. The step following this is the restoration.

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The Process of Restoration

The implant process will take some time to take effect. It may vary from 3 to 9 months. This of course depends on the degree of healing from one patient to the other. Your doctor will attach the permanent crown to the support when the implant is firmly fixed into your jawbone. The material of the crown is such that it will match with the adjoining teeth.

How Common is the Procedure?

Both the procedures are quite popular and not too intricate. Situations may vary subject to an individuals jawbone structure and composition, and may require a dental bone grafting or sinus lift.

A sinus will be required only when the sinus membrane is rather low or has the risk of getting damaged by the implant process. Again, a bone grafting will be needed only when extra bone is required to support the implant in your jaw.

The Duration

How long the process will take depends on a patients oral health, anatomy and physical well-being. As already discussed, it will take from three to nine months. If complications arise, it may take even longer. However, complications generally dont arise in most of the cases. The time is generally taken up because of the healing process. A patient has to wait for the growth and development of new bone in the jaw.

The healing time depends on your healing ability. How quick a patient heals will depend on other factors such as overall health conditions, age, and structure of the jaw. The faster one heals, the less time it will take to heal.

Multiple Restoration

An individual undergoing a multiple restoration will experience the same procedure and the final outcome may vary between several crowns or multiple crowns joined by a partial fixed denture or a bridge.

Success Rate

With the development and advancement of dental science and technology, the success rate as of now is extremely high and in the rarest of rare cases, problems or complications arise.

So, if you are plagued with missing, damaged or decayed teeth, consult with a certified and experienced dental implant specialist near you and walk away with a beaming and confident smile!

About the Author: About Luis:Luis Henry is familiar with renowned and experienced dentists for several years. In this article, he has discussed about the dental implant procedure. He has collected most of the information after discussing with some reputed dentists in Rancho Cucamonga CA.To know more about “dental implant procedure” please visit @


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