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Tunturi Elliptical Trainers Features And Benefits}

Tunturi Elliptical Trainers – Features and Benefits


Pauly Singh

Tunturi fitness equipment has been around since 1922. This makes a Tunturi elliptical trainer a reputable and reliable machine. Tunturi offers a wide range of elliptical trainers with different features The following is an overview of some of Tunturi’s unique innovations which make their ellipticals so popular.

In addition to the standard elliptical settings, Tunturi machines have a PC tool which lets you download data from your trainer to the computer. The results of your training are shown on the computer and analyzed by the T-Coach who advises you how to take your training to the next level. The T-Coach is a great way to track your progress. This virtual coach is like having your own personal trainer for a lot less money.

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Tunturi machines have an MP3 function with speakers which allows you to plug in your MP3 player and listen to motivating music as you workout. Tunturi has even created 3 original music profiles that are meant to keep your heart rate up by setting a rhythm that will keep you going in your target heart rate zone. Tunturi gives you the option of measuring your heart rate using handgrip sensors which is less accurate than the wireless chest belt which also is included with the machine. As the chest belt reads the data it appears on the monitor. T-Pulse is the heart rate training program that adjusts the intensity of your workout to keep you working in the right heart rate zone.

Top Tunturi machines are equipped with T-Ride technology. T-Ride brings the thrill of an outdoor workout indoors. Exercisers can train using different films that simulate an outdoor experience on the display. These interactive films follow the pace of the user.

Tunturi ellipticals feature multiple programs that can be altered to fit the needs of the exerciser thanks to T-Scale. T-Scale allows you to modify the program as you are working out without interruption. Adjust the time or distance according to your goals. Machines can calculate calorie burn very accurately unlike many competing trainers. Tutnturi machines also keep track of Wattage or Power which lets the user know how hard they are working. This is a great way to gauge the difficulty of your workout and your progress as you continue with your exercise regimen.

The trainer gets to know the exerciser by storing details in its memory. The more details it stores about the user, the better it can tailor a program to meet the exerciser’s needs whether it be increased cardiovascular endurance, weight loss or fat burn. The Fitness Test analyzes the fitness level of the user and gives a rating. This allows the user to compare each workout with the previous workout to measure his or her progress.

The space saving design of Tunturi ellipticals make them great machines for homes. They are easy to fold when you are looking to save that extra floor space. Tunturi’s top elliptical trainers feature a very large TFT or a Thin Film Transistor LCD screen where you can view the details of your workout.

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Tunturi Elliptical Trainers – Features and Benefits


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Five Gym Steps To Your Stunning Summer Body

Five gym steps to your stunning summer body


Glenn Tucker

Once you have made the active decision to join a gym the next step is to plan your summer body.

If you start now, you can plan ahead for your new exercise routine to get into shape for the summer.

If you join a gym you will automatically be given advice and an exercise plan tailored to suit you when you join. During your induction you will be introduced to each piece of gym equipment and you will get the chance to try it out. If you decide to join a health club, you will often get more benefits than you would from signing up to a regular gym. You will be able to sign up to personal training sessions, which will be much more effective than you working alone if you have little knowledge of which exercises are best for your body.

You should always make your instructor aware of what your goals are and what you are hoping to achieve from your gym membership, be specific about which area you want to work on as your instructor will advise you about the best exercises for those areas.

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The main areas to concentrate on for your summer body are your abs, arms, bum and thighs; there is lots of equipment at the gym to help you achieve this.

Below is a basic guide of which equipment is best to work on each of the following body areas. Always consult a gym instructor before taking on a new exercise routine. You must consider past injuries or health problems which could influence your new routine.


The most obvious way to tone your abs is through sit ups, many gyms have mats so that you can do this safely and comfortably, supporting your back underneath. You can also use a bench to do your sit ups, a decline bench will help you to complete abdominal exercises. Hook your feet underneath the bar to support yourself and make sure you don’t fall off the equipment. Work in reps so that you keep track of how many you are doing- don’t push yourself too much as you could damage the muscle.


There are lots of equipment pieces at the gym that are specifically designed to target your arms. The most obvious would be weight lifting. Ask a trainer at the gym which weights you should be lifting. Lifting weights that are too heavy for your body type and weight could end up in injury. A ‘lat pull down machine’ will work your back but you pull the bar to lift the weight, working your arms and your back. A cable and pulley machine will involve pulling from either side to improve your upper strength, although this machine is designed to improve over all body strength.

Bum and thighs

Squats and lunges are very effective for toning the bum and thighs. Step machines can also mimic similar exercises. A step machine, or cross trainer as its most commonly referred to, will really work your thigh and bum muscles and are great for toning up those areas; you can adjust the equipment depending on how hard you want to work. The cross trainer will also help suffers of knee joint pain.

Setting the running machine to a steep setting will also really work your bum and thighs, if you don’t want to set it too steep, running will also go a long way to tone those areas. Cycling will also concentrate only on the leg and bum area; all this equipment will be available at most gyms.

Always consult a professional before using this equipment.

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