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How To Begin Martial Arts Training

How to Begin Martial Arts Training


Chris Boyd

When attending you first ever martial arts training session you are bound to find it at least somewhat daunting. This is the case for everyone, regardless of the reason for starting, previous experience or personlaity. Fortunately, there will be people there to make you feel welcome; the instuctor and the students!

Despite this, almost everyone attending their first class will feel suffer with nerves. This is natural and will occrr whether you’re a man or woman, adult or child. The desire to lose weight and keep fit is often motivation to begin. People assume that martial artists are super fit and trim and are intimidated as a result. Expectations of an average martial artist can give the impression that all in the class will be super-fit and trim. This is not always the case and often far from it! Importantly, there will be several people in that class in the same position as you when they began training.. These will be able to help you along as they will empathise with you.

Then there are those that are sick of being intimidated and bullied in some way or another. It’s the self defence aspect of training that interests these. The thought of spending time with a group of scary martial arts experts can be intimidating in itself, particularly before meeting them. Even after meeting them they may appear a little rough around the edges. Usually, they are soft centred. Many of these will have been frightened beginners at one time.

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One barrier to many women’s participation is the perception that classes will be full of men. However, there are tons of fabulous women in the martial arts, many of whom are instructors. Of course, there are women who are professional fighters, in the ring and the cage! Of course, it’s easy to forget that all of these were nervous beginners at one time.

There are many reasons why children take up martial arts classes. Some are nudged into joining by parents, others simply need an activity while some will want to be a Ninja Turtle. Whether the initial trigger to start is due to bullying or fitness issues, kids too are often very intimidated, even the wannabe Hong Kong Fueys. Of course, kids being kids, will overcome this once they get going, even the shy ones.

Importantly, it needs to be remember that even the instructor felt the same feelings when a beginner and so will have at least a little empathy with you and so should be able to put you at ease. Then the teaching can begin and anyone, and I mean anyone should be able to do something well. At some point, over the course of a few lessons, you will find something, an aspect of the training that you’re naturally good at. AND it will happen quicker and more easily with a good instructor supported by good students; these things build on one another.

It’s very important to do your research thoroughly. Search for local martial arts clubs on Google and online directories. Draw up a shortlist, phone the instructors arrange a time to go along and join in. Alternatively you can watch for a while, then join in or bring a friend for moral support. But whatever you do, and for whatever reason you want to start martial arts training, DO IT!

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