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What Are Poly Water Tanks?

What are Poly water Tanks?


Hailey Thomson

Polyethylene is the most widely found plastic in world. You will see it in everyday things such as cups, spoons, plates, shopping bags and much more. Polyethylene water tanks are widely available and come in different designs and colours as well. They are a popular choice for rainwater tanks and can be easily transported.

Poly water tanks are manufactured by a special plastic welding process or simply by roto-moulding. Here two separate pieces of polyethylene are made soft with a heat treated process and then put together with the application of pressure. Poly water tanks come in many shapes namely conical, rectangular and vertical among others. You can opt for a closed top or open top version of the tank. The basic characteristic of poly water tanks are as follows.

Poly water tanks are made of food grade plastic which makes water safe enough to drink.

The polymer used to manufacture the tanks is extremely durable and long lasting

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Unlike steel tanks the poly water cannot rust they have anti corrosive abilities.

Because of the process of manufacturing it has stronger hold and prevents leakages to a great extent.

As they are UV stabilised they protect the water from the harmful effects of the sun and also last much longer.

You will never complain of a different taste or smell in the water

Poly water tanks

are easier to install than concrete and steel tanks and much easier to source.

Extreme heat or cold doesn t affect it as much; also insects can breed or damage the structure of the tank.

Their seamless construction offers greater hold and strength.

Poly water tanks are light weight are offer greater mobility when empty.

Poly water tanks can last your more than a decade and are much easier to maintain. Some companies offer long term warranties that make maintenance a minuscule problem.

Rain Again water Tanks is Queensland is where you will find poly water tanks of different shapes, colours and capacities. From 200 gallon to 6000 gallons, you can find it all. With great prices and prompt delivery, Rain Again Water Tanks is happy to help.

Hailey Thomson has worked for 4 years in the field of installing rainwater tanks. Obviously he knows a thing or two about these tanks. Thus his articles about rainwater tanks are quite informative.

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Affordable Stainless Steel Tanks

Affordable Stainless Steel Tanks



It becomes very important to choose right type of tank for your processing needs. You have choices among stainless steel tanks, alloy tank, steel tank. Fiberglass tank, glass lined tank, poly tank etc. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages on the basis of its use and performance. Stainless steel tanks are resistant to stains. They does Infact prevent corrosion and rust as compared to ordinary steel tanks. This quality makes them an important part of industrial use as there are many who use corrosive or acidic material. They are the better option for processing industries because they have low cost and maintenance.

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These tanks last longer when compared to other ordinary tanks. Also they are recyclable which is good for those industries who love to earn money while keeping their environment safe and secure. Many of us do not know but there are many varieties of stainless steel. These are austenitic, ferritic and martensitic. They have difference in their microstructures. Austenitic has derived its name from its austenite crystal phase. It is famous for its toughness, low temperature resistance, easy maintenance and its forming and welding capability. Ferritic has derived its name for containing ferrite in its primary crystal phase along with iron and chromium. It is known for its resistance to acids and flexibility as it can be easily mould into desired shapes and sizes. Auto industry makes use of ferritic steel widely. Martensitic is less durable and more brittle version of stainless steel. It is used to manufacture small products like bolts, nuts, and in wire manufacturing.

Stainless steel tanks are ideal and perfect water storage purposes. It keeps the water clean and great to use in the areas where water supply is inadequate to meet the monthly requirements for the household. They become very usefull in those places where water pressure is low. In case you live in second floor or some other upper areas where do not enjoy the free flowing supply of water in that case you can get stainless steel tanks installed on the rooftop. You need to have water pump so that water can come easily into your tank. They also have become very usefull for pharmaceutical requirements, bio-chemical reactors, holding tanks, storing vaccines, and general storage. They offer durability, longevity and quality at less than premium price.

stainless steel tanks are useful to store water for household purposes

stainless steel tanks

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