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A Shift From The Conventional Garter Belt Stockings

By Low Jeremy

Hosiery was knitted long before our parents were born or having used it themselves, and repeatedly in fashion in the year 1950s to the 60s. Since then, stockings were never out in the market; the most sophisticated nylon stockings, top-seamed with garter settled as a steady front liner in fashion and function.

It fits in as basic accessory for the designer’s adaptability, vogue of the time and place, complimenting what couturiers offer to go with their latest-made clothes. Color is of vital importance when selecting a stocking. Most are made of the best nylon texture. In the l950s, you won’t be able to wear one without owning a separate garter belt to hold stockings steadfast to one’s leg.

Today, the use of the separate garter belt has totally been forgotten. Garters are just attached to the nylon stockings for better convenience, ease and comfort. One could select from short-knee type, the pantyhose style, and above the knee, all very functional and durable. Usual colors are beige, off white, light brown, light beige that could be purchased depending on what type of skin the buyer has, likewise blending with dress code colors.

Manufacturers on hosiery come up with varieties of best nylon fabrics, and all seamed with ready-input best quality garters. Time has evolved a definite standard from old weave to the most glamorous competitive stockings nylon outfits known for its lifetime durability. The ready-made hosiery with good seamed garter provides a most fast-easy-to wear stocking facilitating fast-phased donning in today’s lifestyles.

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1. The Nylon Stocking Garter, e.g., the Hanes Hosiery brand made from the best synthetic fabric combinations that benefits the user on various advantages:

(a) Revitalizing Factor – hugs very gently, yet it invigorates the blood circulation of the legs, enhancing very active and vibrant feeling all day, with utmost comfort;

(b) Anti-Cellulite Effect – It eliminates the presence of cellulites while it circulation and pampers the legs up to the upper lap portion. It stretches, makes the thighs firm and toned, and makes it appear smoother;

(c) Soften Legs – It circulates as it provides whole day ultimate comfort.

2. The Burlington offers all kinds of nylon hosiery from moderate, medium and support hosiery for the pregnant woman, gartered below knee, good firm garter from the upper leg to the hipline without benefit of waistband lining.

The hosiery for expectant women enhances blood circulation and utmost comfort; also, for good blood circulation and revitalizing. It allows good adjustments on growth of the fetus inside the womb. Its fine garter weave with extra firm support provides compressions levels for varicose veins problems.

The Nylon Stocking Garter innovates the traditionally woven stockings that easily run during handling process from donning to take off. The separate garter adds additional manning and takes a lot of time and effort, aside from adding risk to massive run down of the stockings.

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