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Breast Implants For Different Types

Breast Implants for Different Types



Breast implants are silicone sacs that are usually used for augmentation and enhancement of a woman\’s bosom. There are many different reasons why a woman might want to undergo the operation, but the main one is usually to improve both the size and shape of the current chest. Self-satisfaction and confidence are among the top goals of the female in getting the surgery done. Many of the women feel that they have under developed breasts which need a little perk in order to be more attractive and fulfilling for them.


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There are two main types of silicone bags that are commonly used as breast implants. One of these contains the same material as that of the container; silicone while the other contains a saline solution that is specially made for this purpose. The plastic surgeon will usually recommend the right type most suitable for the individual depending on the finding of the tests and his assessment of the patient. For the most part, the woman can also express her desire for whichever type she wants to be placed in her. Many medical professional like to recommend the silicone filled sacs instead of the ones filled with saline because of their better ability to mimic the real and natural thing but there is a higher degree of safety in using the saline filled ones. Recently, there have been vast improvements on the part of the silicone filled sacs that are mainly aimed at the safety of the woman. To ensure the safety of the user, doctors advise their patients to come back for a checkup several years after the addition of the sacs. The reason behind this precaution is because the sacs can rupture or leak causing the filling to seep into the body of the woman. The body readily absorbs saline since it is a naturally occurring material in the human body and can be easily processed. Silicone is more difficult to deal with when it leaks into the body and might even cause some serious conditions.

Some women might also be recommended a specific size and shape of breast implants according to what the doctor might deem more in keeping with her body type and stature. A woman with a smaller stature will usually be recommended a smaller chest size and shape than bigger women. In spite of this, some women might request a bigger size despite being small and the doctor can accommodate this request as long as conditions are right. The size of the bosoms should complement the stature of the woman so that she will not look too heavy on top. Conditions that need to be considered include, but are not limited to, the elasticity and capacity of the woman\’s skin in the region where the additions are to be placed. Some women have less supple and less elastic skin than others, which means that they cannot accommodate bigger sizes without their skin stretching too much. These types of skin might also crack or dry faster than others if the sacs are placed without consideration of their condition.

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