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Sony Ericsson M600i: One Gadget For Various Tasks

Sony Ericsson M600i: One gadget for various tasks



With so much to offer in a single mobile handset, staying in touch has really stylised. You can feel in the same way with the Sony Ericsson M600i, which comes with a host of compatible features to perform multi tasks as swiftly as possible. Do more and experience more with endless possibilities. Whether you want to make it your leisure companion or reliable business companionthe Sony Ericsson M600i has it all to be that. Endowed with a slim design and multitude of features, the Sony Ericsson M600i can really prove a reliable gizmo for you.

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It is because of the slender design of the Sony Ericsson M600i, you can easily carry it around, as it is quite easy to hold and use. This cool handset is quite slim that it can easily fit into your pocket. It is loaded with dual-function keyboard and dedicated keys with Jog Dial feature and touch sensitive screen, which ensures that you get a hassle-free navigation. As far as viewing experience is concerned, you get a clear and vivid viewing experience on its large and vibrant screen.

The Sony Ericsson M600i would help you move up in your business. This compatible business utility phone does cater to the substantial needs of high-flying professionals. Thus,you can easily send and receive your emails; get access to the Internet. There are basic small business tools, which are quite easy to use and help you a lot to keep things moving. Empowered by Symbian OS, this superb gizmo comes with useful tools and various other applications.

The Sony Ericsson M600i does take care of your entertainment quotient, as it comes with enhanced multimedia features. So, download all your favourite songs and enjoy fast-moving Java games. Besides that, you can also make and receive all your calls, while browsing through the Internet. Surely, the Sony Ericsson is a multitasking device, which would assist you in many ways.

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Sony Ericsson M600i: One gadget for various tasks

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The Secret Of Great Flavoured Coffee And Fruit Milkshakes

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Submitted by: Colin Pettit

Why is it that your favourite coffee shop can produce a great tasting coffee or a luxuriously thick milkshake – and you cannot replicate it when you get home? Is it some fancy special procedure or the expensive catering equipment used to create the drink? Or the expertise of the well-trained staff? Well, I can let you into a secret! You too can create great tasting coffee and milkshake drinks at home. Quickly, easily and at little cost. You just need to know the professional’s tricks of the trade…..


Have you tried adding fresh strawberries to your milkshake and found that no matter how many strawberries you add, the taste and colour is just not the same as when you buy a shake from your local coffee shop? Unless you stew your fruit before adding it to your shake, the sweet juice of the fruit is locked up in the flesh and no matter how much you blend it, the taste and colour just will not be released. But, do you have time to stew fruit before you make a shake? For most of us, time is of the essence… and speaking of essence, most caterers do not have the time or budget to stew fruit for the shakes they serve to you. So how do they do it? You have to get a shot of strong flavour into your shake, quickly! The best way we know is to use Sweetbird syrups. Sweetbird syrups are available in a vast range of flavours. They are easy to use and more importantly, really deliver flavour. The Sweetbird range is approved by the Vegetarian Society and they have no GMOs, artificial flavourings or colourings.

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For best results and a really thick creamy milkshake, use ice cream and milk as the base for your shake. Add Sweetbird syrup and blend. Serve in a tall shake glass with a spoon-straw so you don’t leave any goodies in the bottom of the glass.

Try a blueberry shake or maybe a ginge

ead shake. Let your taste buds guide you. Try combinations of flavours – classic combinations like cherry and chocolate or something different such as Amaretto and Butterscotch. You choose!


Well, you can imagine what is coming next! Caterers always use Sweetbird Syrups to deliver the best clean tasting flavoured coffee too. You can adjust the strength of the flavour by adding more or less syrup to your coffee. Try different blends of coffee to subtly alter the end result; usually a strong flavoured coffee such as a Viennese blend, may be too strong for the syrup flavour to come through. Try a Colombian or Kenya blend, or a smaller dose to ensure the coffee is the strength so you do not need to overload the syrup.

I prefer using freshly ground and brewed coffee but there is nothing at all

wrong with using a good quality instant coffee. Sweetbird Syrups work well with all types of coffee – adjust syrup portions according to your taste.

About the Author: I run a growing Coffee and Water Cooler business in East Anglia. If you want to find out more about coffee/milkshake recipes, coffee machines, catering euqipment visit

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