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The Makeover That Shocked The Furniture Industry

Submitted by: Andy Orchard

It used to be that bean bags were always associated with kids. The kids of the 1970s and 80s were big proponents of bean bags. This is mainly due to the fact that the construction of the original bean bags were only capable of supporting the weight of children.This probably has a lot to do with the fact that they could only support the weight of children. In addition, while many children spend a great deal of time seated directly on the floor, for them hovering above it was a massive upgrade. Clearly this was an improvement from the floor, where they would normally sit. Plus, tiny tikes are more impressed with the ability of a chair to be easily pulled from place to place with ease than they are with the image it projects. Children also noted with pleasure the fact that the chairs could be readily moved around with out assistance.

Parents had great appreciation for the elimination of all sharp edges in their children’s seating. Soft edges pleased parents to no end. Thus, the territory was predominantly compiled of the very young crowd. Overall, the young were most drawn to the fun chairs. In fact, it was pretty much conceded that they would live out their existence in the realm of kiddie furniture. It seemed as though bean bags were not destined for greatness at all.

There was little promise of a major change occurring in the design of the beanbag, much less in the age of its predominant audience. A major design change was simply not expected. The world anticipated the slow death of bean bags to eventually come, and all that would be left were photos and memories of its entire existence. The slow death of the bean bag seemed likely.

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Thus, the surprise of the century was the resurrection of the formerly floppy youngsters chair. However, the floppy chair was about to get a backbone. Out of nowhere surfaced a superior, new range of bean bag furniture. A superior collection of bean bag furniture surfaced. Not just redesigned chairs, but sofas, ottomans and other image conscious items were unveiled. Sure the chairs were redesigned, but they were not alone this time, they were joined by bean sofas and ottomans.

While the world responded negatively to extreme makeovers like that of Heidi Montag, the multiple procedures completed upon the classic beanbag have been widely accepted. The world responded with applause for the new makeover. The original seat was nipped and tucked to the fullest extent. Nips and tucks were completed on the original design. To be certain all kinds of nips and tucks were performed upon the bean bag to achieve the change.

The latest in technology was applied, and new bean bag filling was inserted. To make the change worthwhile, new filling was essential. The work has proven to be well worth the effort, in that contemporary beanbags have been able to do what its predecessor could not. Well worth the effort on many counts, and the fans are accruing.

Modern collections of bean bags successfully infiltrated the adult marketplace. The contemporary collection of bean bags barely have much of anything in common with their predecessor. The irony in all of this is that some of the new models are so high end that parents will not allow their children on them. Today, parents are ironically trying to keep their kids off their high end bean furniture.

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