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How To Make Your Personal Wireless Speaker System By Using Wireless Transmitter

How to Make Your Personal Wireless Speaker System By Using Wireless Transmitter


maxells lumuda

Having a wireless speaker system is an ideal for a hi-fi enthusiast. It is a very high-quality option for your home theater system. Imagine that you can enjoy hi fi sound without the untidiness of speaker cables. But you need to understand that a wireless speaker system is not really wireless in it sense. This system still has wires to connect the wireless transmitter to your home theater receiver. On the other hand, you have wires to connect the wireless receiver to the speakers. To provide adequate amplification to the speakers and to power the radio transmitters, you also need some power wires or electrical cords, because it is not possible for you to have a battery driving the speakers in a long run, even when you turn the volume in the middle level.

Now you know the basic concept of a wireless speaker system. Then you have the objective to make your speakers become wireless ones. This is possible to be done by using a wireless speaker kit. Many electronics and audio stores supply this kit, so you can find it simply. This kit uses powered radio wireless transmitter and receiver to transmit the audio signal from home theater receiver or from an amplifier to the speakers. Here you should connect each speaker to the receiver with a built-in amplifier which is plugged into a wall power outlet. This is great to keep away from putting the wires beneath the carpet or through the walls while you can connect the surround sound speakers in the back of the room. To connect the speakers to the wireless transmitter and receiver, you require some short lengths of speaker wires.

Thus far, to convert your speakers into a wireless speaker system, you need to prepare the speakers, wireless speaker kit, speaker wire, wire strippers, a receiver or an amplifier. Then what?

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First, by using some short piece of speaker wire whose insulation stripped away at both ends, you need to connect each speaker to a wireless transmitter and receiver. Connect the red wire to the right terminal of the speaker and the receiver. Remember to lift the red plastic spring clip in order to expose a hole for the wire. In the similar way, you then connect the other speaker to the left or black terminal.

Next, you should plug the power cord into the electrical jack of each receiver. In the next step, you should connect the wireless transmitter unit to a receiver or an amplifier. You can do this by connecting some short pieces of speaker wire to the terminal of the transmitter and the corresponding terminal of the receiver or amplifier.

Next steps are a lot easier. You only need to connect the power cord to the wireless transmitter and the wall outlet. Then turn the system on and adjust the volume to whatever level that you want.

To make the most of the wireless transmitter, you should provide some clear line of area between the transmitter and the speakers with the attached receivers. Now you have your own wireless speaker system.

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How to Make Your Personal Wireless Speaker System By Using Wireless Transmitter

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