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Romantic Gifts Ideas For Both Men And Women

By Joseph Taylor

Relationships take complete effort by both people involved in order to keep them moving and working. It would make sense that the same would apply to romance. If a couple wants to introduce romance into their relationship, it would make sense to have both people make romantic efforts. In fact, it just doesn’t seem fair to have only one party making all of the effort! Both men and women can take part in exchanging romantic gestures and gifts for maximum romantic results.

Men are usually the ones retailers think of when it comes to buying romantic gifts. You can always find flowers, chocolates, jewelry and great greeting cards to get your romantic message across. While these romantic gifts are great, they can become stale and feel generic and unimaginative after some time. It’s time to think beyond what you usually do for romantic gifts and pleasantly surprise your partner.

When you go shopping for your wife or your girlfriend, don’t go to the same stores you’ve always gone to buy your gifts. Do something different. Instead, get her something from a bath and body shop, a new flower shop, a lingerie store, an unusual piece of jewelry, a liquor store and a new card store. Take each of these gifts and wrap them individually. On your next shopping trip, buy all that you can in her favorite or favored scent. If you can, get her body/hand lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap, dusting powder, shower gel, potpourri, bath oils and fragranced candles. You can wrap these individually or give them to her all at once.

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For an unexpected twist, rent a tuxedo and wear it home one day without explanation. You can ring the front doorbell and wait for her to answer with flowers and a bottle of wine in your arms. Another way to really sweep her off her feet is to tape the most important game of the season for your favorite sports team and take her out to dinner instead. This is probably the most romantic gift she’ll think you’ve ever given her!

Now it’s time for the women to think about romantic gifts for their men! Men aren’t as tricky as they might seem when it comes to creating romantic gift ideas. Write him a love letter. Follow that up with a naughty love letter. Follow that one up with a flat out provocative love letter. Spray each one of your letters with his favorite perfume on you and mark the back of each envelope with an imprint of your lips using your brightest red color. Don’t send them all at once. Let the curiosity, expectation and excitement build as he receives each letter.

Send your man flowers at the office. It is perfectly acceptable and he will most likely not expect them! Order him his favorite sandwich and have it delivered for lunch. If possible, send him a piece of lingerie with a note letting him know that you will be waiting for him to bring it to you so that you can change when he gets home. He’ll be home early that day!

Finally, one of the most romantic gifts women can give to men is to embrace their passions. You don’t have to share his love of baseball or fishing, but you can recognize that his passion for whatever activity is what makes him happy and who he is. The trick is to remind him every day of why he should still be passionate about you!

Men and women can have fun, increase intimacy and renew their relationships over and over again with romantic gifts and gestures. It takes one person to make the first move and you will most likely find that romance is contagious. You’ll both want to feel that way every day and you can with romantic gifts for each other.

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