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Rajput Painting Indian Painting That Has Mughal Influence

Rajput painting Indian painting that has Mughal Influence


Robort Thomas

The traditions of

Indian arts and paintings

go back to the antiquity, as presently evident in a number of caves, murals of Ajanta, Ellora, pillars, monuments and so on. No doubt,

Indian painting

is one of the oldest traditions of the country and the mostly found ancient outlining theories of anecdotal accounts suggest that the Indian painting was very common for households to paint their interior rooms as well exteriors of their house. From all the documents and works of the pre-historic times found it can be said that the relation of India with arts and paintings is centuries old.

Among all forms of

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Indian paintings

that have gained a huge popularity worldwide, Rajput painting possesses distinct position. This type of painting has successfully made its safe cage in the minds of millions of arts and paintings enthusiasts all over the world.

According to the experts, the

Rajput paintings

evolved in the late 16th and 17th century. This form of painting has its origin in the region of Rajasthan and a few Hill States of Punjab. It has been known that all those regions were then rues by the Mughals, for which Mughal influence is noticed in all those artworks.

Some of the most distinguish and popular types of Rajput paintings are discussed hereunder:

Bundi: According to the experts, one of the oldest examples of Bundi paintings is the Chunar Ragamala, which was created in the year 1561. As per the experts, this type of painting clearly depicts the influence of the Mughal style of painting. There were several genres of Bundi painting. In between the time 1631 58, under Rao Chattar Sal, this type of painting emphasized on the court scenes, occurred in the common people s lives.

Hadauti Painting: it has been found that this type of painting has its history connected tp Kota and Bundi, located in the southeastern Rajasthan.

Kota painting: In between the time 1624 25, a Mughal decree led to the craving of Kota state, which had its kingdom in Bundi. This type of painting is nothing but the spontaneous and calligraphic representation of the daily events of the common people s daily lives.

So, in simple words, Rajput painting is a special kind of Indian painting, which has its direct connection with the Mughal painting and for this reason through this painting a new genre of Indian artworks and Indian paintings can be experienced.

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Alain Mikli Sunglasses Are Pieces Of Art And You Should Buy Online Alain Mikli Sunglasses

Alain Mikli Sunglasses Are Pieces Of Art And You Should Buy Online Alain Mikli Sunglasses


Jack Stane

It was back in 1988 when Alain Mikli\’s first eyewear studio was opened up, which was the dawn on era when his sunglasses were being donned by some very influential musicians. Along with a basic design, it is the color that distinguishes Alain Mikli sunglasses from the rest. Mikli seems to specialize when it comes to adding color to the frames. In fact, the reason his sunglasses ended up on the map was because of this artistic element, this bold movement.

Every pear of Mikli sunglasses is a unique creation because Mikli believed that the color of the glasses should be a represention of every individual person.

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Avant-garde Americans and European celebrities seem to be quite fond of Alain Mikli sunglasses. After his studio was opened up in the late 70s, the Mikli sunglasses became recognized when Elton John, the renowned English musician began sporting them. Elton John is known for his over-the-top style and flair for flamboyant color. Thus, back in the early 80s, he was frequently spotted wearing the colorful and stylish Mikli sunglasses. This is how Mikli became a sensation in the world of fashion. The color yet simple designs were still hip and stylish, and were hard not to notice.

In fact, a new musical artist seems to have fallen for Alain Mikli sunglasses. Perhaps not as colorful as Elton John, but Kanye West, the renowned hip hop/R&B artist, is somewhat as flamboyant. He too has a similar flair for style as Elton and prefers to be flashy. West\’s \”Stronger\” music video features him sporting the shutter shades that were specifically custom designed by Alain Mikli and have become West\’s signature sunglasses ever since. Thus, it is quite evident why every pair of sunglasses designed by Alain Mikli is innovative and unique in its own ranks.

The sunglasses designed by Alain Mikli come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of them colorful and gaudy. If you are in search of a pair of sunglasses that have a basic design and a little logo that makes it identifiable as designer eyewear, you are definitely in luck, and not just that. Sunglasses designed Alain Mikli are pieces of art and can become can extension of your character and personality. If you are interested in shopping for a pair of sunglasses designed by Alain Mikli, you should first look within yourself and find out who you truly are. Once you are done with that, you can buy online Alain Mikli Sunglasses.

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